Our broad assortment of tiny, full-featured, real-time clocks delivers high accuracy and low power consumption to a variety of end applications. From battery management and alarm to timestamp and tamper detect functionality—our RTCs' offer a wide range of features for your system. Automotive compliant AEC-Q100 devices are also available.

  • Ultra-Low-Power RTCs provide the low power consumption that enables long battery life with regard to real-time clock functionality. Energy-efficient devices are available with I2C or SPI bus interfaces
  • Temperature Compensated with Integrated Crystal CMOS RTCs are optimized for very high accuracy and low power consumption for industrial applications. The devices sense temperature and make internal adjustments to ensure accurate timekeeping over the temperature range. Available with pin-selectable I2C-bus or SPI bus
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified RTCs are designed for highest reliability and lowest power consumption and are available with I2C or SPI bus interfaces. They have an extended operating temperature range of up to 125° C and AEC-Q100 automotive-compliant qualification
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