NXP® continues its leading position in LCD drivers, offering you a vast portfolio of products used for automotive and industrial applications. You can choose from a comprehensive selection of packaged and Chip-On-Glass devices with I2C- and/or SPI-bus interface, with or without charge pump for the internal LCD supply voltage generation. Our new LCD drivers are ideal to drive the Vertical Alignment (VA) LCDs with high-contrast and a wide viewing angle. VA LCDs offer an excellent optical performance at low cost. Our new LCD drivers are also ideal to drive touch sensitive LCDs in combination with an capacitive touch controller to implement touch buttons on the display enhancing the Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Product Description
Automotive LCD Drivers Support a wide range of resolutions (from 4x32 up to 4x160 segments), with cased as well as chip-on-glass versions available.
LCD Graphic Drivers Support a large number of icons and a series of 7- or 14-segment digits.
LCD Character Drivers Support any LCD dot matrix displaying some lines of characters in 5 x 8 dot format through an on-chip character generator ROM.
LCD Segment Drivers Support any static or multiplexed LCD containing up to a certain number of segments or icons.

NXP’s standalone LCD display drivers bring high reliability and low power consumption to a broad range of applications. They require few external components for operation, operate over a wide temperature range, support a wide range of supply voltages, and integrate vital interfaces. They are available in several different packages and delivery forms, to support various assembly technologies, and can be used in conjunction with an NXP RGB LED controller for LED backlighting.

NXP’s portfolio includes segment, character, and graphic display drivers. NXP’s segment display drivers lead the industry in terms of the number of segments that can be driven per device. That means more information can be displayed, at a lower cost. For automotive applications, NXP even has options that are AEC-Q100 compliant, ensuring reliable operation under the harshest conditions. NXP’s character display drivers can be configured to drive almost any character set, including Japanese, and support a large number of icons.

Catalog of System Management and I2C 2016

Catalog of System Management and I2C 2016

A broad catalog of interface components for all your design needs.

Catalog of System Management and I2C 2016

System management I2C 2016 selector guide

Selector Guide of interface components for all your design needs.

NXP Smartphone Quick-Jack Solution

The flexible Smartphone Quick-Jack Solution turns the standard 3.5 mm stereo audio jack on popular smartphones into a simple, self-powered data port for easy connection of external sensors, switches, and peripherals.