Reader ICs

We offer market leading contact and contactless smart card reader ICs portfolio enabling reader infrastructure for applications like ticketing, payment, loyalty and NFC applications.

NFC Reader ICs

Broadest portfolio of high-performance NFC frontend and NFC controller solutions.

HITAG® Reader ICs

Offers a completely integrated analog front-end circuitry as well as a three-wire microcontroller interface.

Contact Reader ICs

Highly versatile family of ISO7816 compatible contact reader ICs.

Meet all the Readers solutions

NFC Linecard

NFC and Contactless Reader Linecard

NFC contactless tag IC family overview.

NXP contact smart card interfaces for PayTV

Contact Smart Card Reader ICs Linecard

Contact Smart Card Reader ICs family overview.

What’s New


iOS 11 Toolkit to Expand iPhone NFC Capabilities into the IoT

NXP introduces iOS 11 Toolkit to Expand iPhone NFC Capabilities into the IoT.


Industry-first NFC Forum Tag Certifications

NXP is proud to receive industry-first) NFC Forum Tag Certifications for 9 ICs.


IoT Solution Made Easy with NFC 1

NFC commissioning solution with the NTAG I²C plus kit for Arduino pinout.