Evaluation Kit - MC33903BD3, SBC Gen2 with CAN and LIN

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Supported Devices


Automotive LIN Solutions



  • Multiple CAN Bus termination options supported via socket
  • One high/low side I/O (SPI configurable) accessible through a test point

Power Management

  • Nominal operating supply voltage range of 5.5 to 27 V
  • 5.0 V/3.3 V regulator for the MCU with an external PNP ballast transistor to increase current capability


  • Debug mode/watchdog configuration via jumper settings

General Specifications

  • Status of I/O-0 indicated by LED (dependent on jumper configuration)
  • I/O-0, 5 V_CAN, SAFE, and VDD status indicated by LED
  • MUX output voltage accessible through a test point and external resistor selectable through a jumper
  • I_WAKE_I test point to enable a FET and load VDD with current to wake up the SBC
  • LIN1_T and LIN2_T test points to monitor I/O voltages (SPI configurable)
  • 100 mil 2 x 8 pin standard header connector for SPI communication
  • 100 mil 16-pin standard header connector for custom MCU board connection

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  • KIT33903BD3EVBE

  • Evaluation Kit - MC33903BD3, SBC Gen2 with CAN High Speed and LIN Interface.

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