High Speed CAN Transceivers with Partial Networking

CAN partial networking (CAN PN), or selective wake-up functionality, helps to keep ECUs in low-power operation longer, reducing the overall power consumption of the vehicle. ECUs in low-power mode with partial networking active only wake-up to specific wake-up frames assigned to that ECU and all other messages are ignored. This is an improvement compared to regular HS-CAN transceivers which will wake up the ECU on any CAN traffic, regardless of whether it is intended for that ECU or not.
Partial networking allows either individual ECUs or groups of ECUs to be woken up simultaneously, with the remainder of the network kept in low-power mode. The CAN FD passive transceiver, TJA1145x/FD, allows the filtering of CAN FD data frames during partial networking to enable mixed classical CAN and CAN FD networks.

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Reduced power consumption

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Lower CO2 emission

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Improved fuel economy

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CAN FD passive feature

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