Multi-Gig Safe and Secure TSN Ethernet Switch with Integrated 100BASE-T1 PHYs

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Block Diagram


SJA1110 Block Diagram


Key Features

  • Integrated 100BASE-T1 and 100BASE-TX PHYs
  • Integrated Arm® Cortex®-M7 Core
  • Very good packet inspection and DoS prevention capabilities
  • Advanced secure boot capabilities
  • Innovative Automotive Ethernet functional safety features
  • Rich set of Time-Sensitive Networking standards
  • Rich set of NXP original AVB and AUTOSAR software
  • Complete system solution with S32G Vehicle Networking Processor and VR5510 power management unit

Product Longevity Program

Part numbers include: SJA1110AEL, SJA1110BEL, SJA1110CEL, SJA1110DEL.


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