Microcontrollers and Processors

NXP is a leading supplier of embedded controllers with strong legacy in both the industrial and consumer market. We have a broad portfolio of MCU across our 8-16-and 32-bit platforms, featuring leading-edge low-power, analog, control and communications IP.

Arm®-Based Processors and Microcontrollers

NXP's Arm-based portfolio offers the highest level of integration, the most comprehensive software/hardware enablement & the broadest range of performance.

LPC Microcontrollers

Arm7, Arm9 and Arm® Cortex®-M0+/M0/M3/M4 cores

Broad 32-bit MCU portfolio with best-in-class power efficiency, exceptional ease of use, design flexibility, and advanced connectivity.

QorIQ Layerscape Arm-Based Processors

Arm Cortex-A7/A9/A53/A57/A72 cores

Multicore SoCs for enterprise, service provider, cloud and industrial markets.

i.MX Applications Processors

Arm Cortex-A7/A8/A9, Arm9, Arm11 cores

For multimedia and display applications.

Kinetis Microcontrollers

Arm Cortex-M0+/M4/M7 cores

Secure real-time control, connectivity and general embedded aplications.

S32 Processors and Microcontrollers

Quad Arm Cortex-A53 and Cortex-M4 cores

NXP S32 MCUs and MPUs are the latest offering for automotive and ultra-reliable industrial applications.

MAC57D5xx Automotive Microcontrollers

Arm Cortex-M0+/M4/A5 cores

The MAC57D5xx MCU family is a multi-core architecture solution for mid-range instrument cluster and industrial applications.

Power Architecture® Processors and Microcontrollers

The world's broadest portfolio of processors built on Power Architecture technology, enabling networking, automotive, consumer & industrial applications.

MPC5xxx/55xx 32-bit Microcontrollers

Power Architecture e200 and e300 cores

Broad 32-bit MCU portfolio with best-in-class power efficiency, exceptional ease of use, design flexibility, and advanced connectivity.

QorIQ Processing Platforms

Multicore Power Architecture

QorIQ processing platforms are complete system on chip (SoC) processors for networking applications across carrier, enterprise, military and industrial markets.

QorIQ Qonverge Platform

Combines market-proven Power Architecture cores and high performance StarCore® DSPs

QorIQ® Qonverge platform, a comprehensive portfolio of multimode solutions for femtocell, picocell, metrocell and macrocell base station applications.

Integrated Host Processors

Power Architecture e600 core

Ideal for high-performance processing in networking, aerospace and defense, storage and pervasive computing applications, such as home media, printers, computer clusters, blade servers, thin clients and gaming systems.

PowerQUICC Processors

Power Architecture core

PowerQUICC communications processors, built on Power Architecture® technology, support the entire spectrum of embedded networking equipment, industrial and general-embedded applications.

S32R27 Automotive & Industrial Radar Microcontrollers

Quad-core Power Architecture

Microcontrollers designed to meet the requirements for modern beam-forming fast chirp modulation RADAR systems.

More Processors

NXP's portfolio of MCUs, DSPs/DSCs & security processors offers high level integration, comprehensive software/hardware enablement & broad performance range.