Cosmic Development Tool Package for S12Z


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Software Details


  • ANSI/ISO C Compiler
  • Linear Address Space (no banking)
  • C Support for MAC
  • Single and Double Floats
  • ISO Fixed Point Types and Libraries
  • Position Independent Code and Data
  • EEPROM Support
  • Eclipse, Make and SCCS compatible
  • ELF/DWARF support for 3rd party tools
  • ZAP Debugger with integrated Simulator
  • ZAP BDM Debugger and Flash Programmer
  • P&E Universal and FX Multilink Support
  • Hardware Breakpoints
  • Real-time memory R/W
  • Automated Testing with Debugger Command Scripting
  • 1 - Year node locked License for Windows
  • 6 - months Tech support with updates included