S12ZVM Mixed-Signal MCU for Automotive and Industrial Motor Control Applications

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Block Diagram

S12ZVM Block Diagram

S12ZVM Block Diagram


  • Enhanced S12Z core at 50 MHz bus speed
  • 16kB - 256kB Flash Memory (ECC)
  • 128B - 1kB EEPROM (ECC)
  • 2kB - 32kB RAM (ECC)
  • 6-ch PMF 15bit PWM for motor control with dead time, fault management
  • Dual 12-bit analog to digital converter (ADC)
  • Programmable trigger unit (PTU) to synchronize ADC conversions
  • 3.5 to 20-volt operating range
  • CAN physical layer (Only in S12ZVMC256)
  • LIN physical layer (Only in S12ZVML128, S12ZVML64, S12ZVML32 and S12ZVML31)
  • Gate drive unit (GDU) for six power MOSFETs
  • Up to 2 Op-Amp for current measurement/sensing

Part numbers include: S912ZVMC12F3MKH, S912ZVMC12F3WKH, S912ZVMC25F1MKK, S912ZVMC25F1WKK, S912ZVML12F3MKH, S912ZVML12F3WKH, S912ZVML31F1MKF, S912ZVML31F1MKH, S912ZVML31F1WKF, S912ZVML31F1WKH, S912ZVML32F3MKH, S912ZVML32F3WKH, S912ZVML64F2WKH.

S12ZVM Family comparison

Product NameS12ZVMC256 S12ZVML128/64/32 S12ZVMC128/64S12ZVML31S12ZVM32/16
EEPROM (Bytes)1K512512128128
Separate VREG1+10100
GDU (HS / LS)3/33/33/33/33/3
Bootstrap Diodes integrated00033
OpAmp / Current sense2222/12/1
ADC (ext. channels)8+84+54+54+5/1+34+5/1+3
TIM (IC/OC channels)4444/34/3
PWM channels6+46666
External FET Nominal Gate Charge (nC)100-150100-150100-15050-8050-80
Operating Temperature (Min-Max) (°C)up to 150°C Ambient


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