LPC1200 Series: Robust and Reliable Microcontrollers (MCUs) based on Arm® Cortex®-M0 Cores

LPC1200 series MCUs run at speeds up to 45 MHz. They include configurable peripherals such as a windowed watchdog timer (WWDT), programmable digital filter on all GPIO pins for finer control of signal integrity and on-chip ADC.

The special features of the LPC1200 make them ideal solutions for:

  • Low- to mid-range product designs prioritizing robustness and reliability
  • Products requiring high immunity and/or 8 kV protection

Additional Key features include:

  • IEC 60730 Class B certified
  • Rated high immunity, based on the Electrical Fast Transient (EFT) test by Langer EMV-Technik per IEC61697-1
  • RTC and DMA support


  • A Windowed Watchdog Timer with an independent internal oscillator source, designed to comply with IEC 60730 Class B safety requirements for white goods
  • A Programmable Digital Filter on all GPIO pins allowing better control of signal integrity for industrial applications
  • I²C with Fast-mode Plus feature with 10x higher bus-drive capability compared to typical I²C I/O drives, allowing for twice as many devices on the same bus, as well as longer transmission distances
  • Optimized ROM-based divide library for Cortex-M0 offering several times the arithmetic performance of software-based libraries, as well as a highly deterministic cycle time combined with reduced Flash code size
  • Dual analog comparators with 32 levels of voltage reference, edge and level detection and output feedback loop supporting multiple states, such as monostable, astable or simple set/reset