S32M2 Integrated Solution for 12V Motor Control

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S32M24x Family Specs

S32M24x family specs

S32M27x Family Specs

S32M27x family specs

S32M2 Motor Control Solution Diagram




  • 80 MHz Cortex-M4 core or 120 MHz Cortex-M7 core with single-precision floating point unit


  • Integrated physical interface for CAN FD or LIN
  • Integrated voltage regulator for operation from 12V car battery

Power Supply

  • Integrated voltage regulator for operation from car battery

Functional Safety and Security

  • Targeting ISO 26262 applications up to ASIL B
  • Hardware security CSE or HSE compliant
  • Safety documentation and SafeAssure community support

Analog Extension

  • Integrated 3-phase MOSFET gate driver for driving BLDC or PMSM motors with programmable slew-rate control
  • Integrated current sense measurement for single-shunt solution


  • Motor control software examples including model-based design approach
  • Extended flash memory for AUTOSAR®, OS, diagnostics, bootloader, over-the-air updates
  • Real-time drivers (RTD) for AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR OS


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