Expanding on its more than 30 year sensing history, NXP has unveiled a new era of sensing solutions portfolio. This new brand of sensors is designed with the right combination of intelligent integration, logic, and customizable software on the platform to deliver smarter, more differentiated applications.

Motion Sensors

Accelerometers, Gyroscopes.

Pressure Sensors

Gauge, Differential, Absolute, Tire Pressure Monitors.

Magnetic Sensors

Angular Sensors, Speed Sensors, Magnetometers, eCompass.

Other Sensors

Temperature, Touch, Capacitive.

Meet all the Sensor devices in our portfolio

Sensor Product selector guide

Sensors Product Selector Guide

Secure sensing solutions for automotive and industrial IoT.

What's New


STB-CE v2.0 is now Available

Providing 'Out of Box' Sensor Demonstration and Evaluation of NXP’s Motion and Pressure sensors targeted towards IoT, Medical and Industrial applications.

NXP Community: Sensors

NXP Community: Sensors

Get expert advice from the NXP developer community.

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Drone World

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