AUTOSAR addresses the challenge of rising code complexity by providing an open automotive software architecture. This architecture supports the development of standardized electronic systems that improve quality, performance, safety and environmental friendliness. It also helps to simplify the process of updating software over the lifetime of a vehicle.

Since its inception, AUTOSAR’s layered architecture (Classic Platform) has been specified and continuously improved by its partners a comprehensive group of automotive software companies, ECU developers, and manufacturers. For more than 10 years this alliance has perfected the software specifications into one comprehensive architecture optimized for the needs of the automotive industry.

NXP AUTOSAR Premium Partner

Our company has been a Premium Partner since the conception of the partnership, and our engineers have contributed to several concepts and module specifications. Major releases of the Classic Platform are v3.0, v4.0, v4.2, and most recently v4.3.

To support this industry standard, we offer production intent AUTOSAR Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL) and Operating System (OS) software for use on our automotive microcontrollers and processors. Our software contributions to the architecture are developed according to MISRA and Automotive SPICE. For SafeAssure MCUs, the development process for MCAL software has been further enhanced to comply with ISO26262.

Product Integration and Availability

MCAL and OS packages are designed to be configured with Elektrobit’s EB tresos Studio tool which is included in our software packages. Through standardized APIs and configuration interface formats based on XML, our software can be integrated with other software from the ecosystem architecture and configuration tools offered by third parties.

Most of our software products are available on our main website located on the Software & Tools section of the corresponding page of the product you are using. For production license models, support agreements, and pricing, please contact your local NXP sales representative or any of our authorized distributors.


  • Microcontroller unit driver for basic microcontroller initialization, power down functionality, reset and microcontroller specific functions.
  • Watchdog driver for initialization, changing the operation mode and triggering the watchdog.
  • Analog-to-Digital Converter driver for performing analog to digital data conversions.
  • Flash driver for reading, writing and erasing on-chip flash memory and handling write/erase protection
  • General Purpose Timer driver for using the hardware timer channels of the general-purpose timer unit
  • Port driver for initializing the whole port structure of the microcontroller
  • CAN driver for data reception and transmission over CAN
  • Digital Input/output driver for reading and writing to/from corresponding channels (pins), ports and channel groups
  • LIN driver for data reception and transmission over LIN
  • SPI handler/driver for reading from and writing to external devices connected via SPI busses
  • PWM driver for generation of pulses with variable pulse width
  • Input Capture Unit driver for demodulation of a PWM signal, counting pulses, measuring of frequency and duty cycle, generating simple interrupts and wakeup interrupts
    MCAL package

    Select microcontrollers may include:

  • Ethernet driver for data reception and transmission over Ethernet
  • FEE module for EEPROM emulation in flash memory
  • FlexRay driver for data reception and transmission over FlexRay
  • MCEM driver for operation of the on-chip fault collection and correction unit
  • MCL driver for DMA operations

AUTOSAR Integration Partners

Integration partners are contracted by customers to perform the integration of AUTOSAR software components from NXP and other sources into a properly configured Basic Software (BSW) environment. Such integration is not trivial, and the listed companies have experience in doing this integration. In most cases the integration partners will integrate NXP MCAL modules and/or NXP AUTOSAR Operating System and/or other NXP software, e.g. for security or functional safety, with their own AUTOSAR modules. For this they may use their own Autosar configuration tool or a 3rd party configuration tool. Please contact the companies directly to further understand their capabilities.

What's New

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