Kinetis Developer Resources

All Kinetis® MCUs are supported by a comprehensive NXP® and third-party hardware and software enablement system which reduces development costs and time to market.

Featured Platforms


Small, low-power, cost-effective boards for quick prototyping and evaluation of the Kinetis MCU families and NXP sensors.

Tower Systems

Designed for simple, rapid prototyping and evaluation, these boards work with the MCUXpresso IDE or partner toolchains.


Experience a rapid prototyping platform with compact form factor, on-board MCUs, BLE connectivity, sensors, OLED display and battery.

What's New


MCUXpresso IDE

The MCUXpresso Integrated Development Environment is a complimentary IDE for LPC and Kinetis MCUs that offers advanced editing, compiling, debugging and more.


MCUXpresso SDK

The MCUXpresso SDK is a pre-integrated and thoroughly tested collection of open-source software components for Kinetis and LPC devices delivered as a custom package based on user selections.


Kinetis Power Estimation Tool

Estimate and optimize your system's power consumption quickly with the Kinetis Power Estimator Tool