Vigiles: SBOM Management and Vulnerability Monitoring and Remediation Software

Software Details


  • On-demand vulnerability reports
  • Automatic alerts for newly discovered CVEs
  • Filtering CVEs by severity and allowlisting nonissues
  • Provides direct link to fixes
  • Can be bundled with Pro-Support for assistance
  • Three subscription offerings (Basic, Plus and Prime)
    • Basic: on-demand reports for free
    • Plus: adds more features / detailed reports
    • Prime: adds filtering and direct link to patches (where available)
  • Services provided by our partner Timesys
  • Any option can be bundled with NXP Pro-Support for assistance


Vigiles Roman Soldier

  • Maintain strong product security throughout your product lifecycles Bring more secure products to market faster
  • Make security a key product differentiator
  • Works with ANY Yocto based BSP
  • You can get started using Vigiles free today


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Timesys is a leading provider of embedded, open source software, engineering services and security solutions across the “Embedded Software Spectrum” — from simple BSP subsystems to stand-alone devices, mobile apps and access solutions and IoT systems — for Linux, Android, RTOS and other open source...


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