i.MX RT1050- How to Achieve Both Performance and Usability for Your Next-Gen IoT Product Design

  • Posted Date: 25 October 2017

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Today’s IoT applications require higher performance and real-time response. Data processing, wireless connectivity and display support are essential but these next-gen features increase costs and cause redesigns that extend your time-to-market.

A convergence in the embedded processing world is emerging. More capable, less expensive applications processors are beginning to merge with high performance, low power Arm® Cortex®-M7 based MCUs. This exciting crossover opens new possibilities for embedded engineers who require:

  • Higher performance
  • Short interrupt latency
  • Lower BOM
  • Power efficiency
  • Security

This webinar will focus on the i.MX RT crossover processor – the first solution that truly bridges the gap between MCUs and applications processor with low power, scalability, high performance computation and security – all at a cost-effective price.