Connected NFC Tags - Overview

  • Posted Date: 06 October 2016

The Connected Life describes a world in which consumers and businesses use many different devices to experience compelling new services and ubiquitous Internet access delivered by advanced mobile networks. Near Field Communication (NFC) is hot. In today’s increasingly connected world, this simple, intuitive technology lets you interact securely with the world around you with a simple touch. Fast, seamless, and easy to use, NFC is now available in hundreds of millions of smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics. In this webinar we focus on the connected tags portfolio of NXP® built on the strong NXP NFC tags family (NTAG) which is targeting Electronics integration.

What You'll Learn

Connected tags portfolio of NXP® built on the strong NXP NFC tags family (NTAG).

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Course Outline

  • NTAG21xF: offers on top of the NTAG® functionalities the field detection and the SLEEP mode, as well as a small footprint package that focuses particularly on electronic applications.
  • NTAG I²C: first product of NXP's NTAG family offering both contactless and contact interfaces. In addition to the passive NFC Forum-compliant contactless interface, the IC features an I²C contact interface that can communicate with a microcontroller, like our LPC81x, LPC11xx and LPC11Uxx series of MCUs . This solution enables new kinds of NFC tag interactions, including advanced device pairing, personalization of electronic devices, and device maintenance.