NXP® NFC Reader Marketing Introduction

  • Posted Date: 06 October 2016

Near Field Communication, the tap-and-go technology co-invented by NXP® more than ten years ago, has shifted into high gear.

This simple, intuitive technology, which lets you initiate interactions with a simple touch, is now in millions of smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics, with new devices arriving almost daily.

Why is NFC such a hot topic? Because it's fast, seamless, and easy to use - and like nothing else you've ever experienced.
Join us and dive into the NFC world!

What You'll Learn

How to build an NFC reader.

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Course Outline

  • A different kind of wireless: NFC technology review. NFC market update.
  • NFC applications and use cases.
  • NXP® portfolio: NFC contactless reader ICs. Connected tags solutions. Completing your system.
  • Support material