PN5180 - The Best Full NFC Frontend on the Market

  • Posted Date: 06 October 2016

Built on NXP’s trusted leadership in NFC technology, the new PN5180 high-performance full NFC Forum compliant frontend IC is the ideal solution for payment terminals, physical-access or industrial readers, needing to generate a strong RF field in a harsh environment.

The PN5180 NFC frontend is equipped with unique features that improve performance, save energy, and maximize efficiency. It enables best-in-class readers that conform to the requirements for EMVCo and NFC Forum specifications, for the broadest possible interoperability.

What You'll Learn

PN5180 NFC Features and capabilities

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Course Outline

  • Positioning within the NFC portfolio
  • Target markets and benefits
  • Product description and key features, including the outstanding Dynamic Power Control
  • Product support package, including documentation, demo kit, SW tools (NFC Cockpit and NFC Reader Lib). Ordering details