In 2022, we continued making progress on our DE&I journey. We started the year by reflecting on our year-over-year progress toward achieving our 2025 aspirational representation goals, and our efforts to embed inclusion deeper within the organization.

Key Highlights for the Year

  • Implementation of DE&I Questions within the Winning Culture Survey

    In conjunction with our third-party survey partner, we introduced new diversity, equality, and inclusion questions to our team-member survey to gain better insight into the team-member experience and the sense of belonging. 89% of IDL team members participated in the survey. Collaboration, ownership, and DE&I were the three categories with the highest favorability ratings. After evaluating the survey results across a variety of demographics, we learned we had a few pockets of team members within the company that didn’t feel a strong sense of belonging and inclusion. We conducted focus sessions with team members from these groups and determined recruitment, retention, development, belonging, and communications were opportunity areas. We collaborated with the focus teams to develop a robust action plan aimed at improving these areas of opportunity and fostering a stronger sense of inclusion and belonging.

  • Unconscious Bias Training for People Managers

    This year, we announced our plan to deliver unconscious-bias training to all people managers within the company. The NXP Management Team (MT) kicked-off the initiative by completing their session at the start of the year, with additional sessions being held for members of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Training delivery will be an ongoing initiative until we reach our full 2,800-plus manager population.

  • Establishing a Diversity and Inclusion Council

    We created a Diversity and Inclusion Council in August 2022, with the purpose of serving as an advocate, resource, and governing entity to advance NXP’s global, strategic diversity, equality, and inclusion initiatives. The council includes many of the senior leaders within the company, including the President and CEO, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer, Executive Vice President of Global Operations, Head of Strategy, Vice President and Head of DE&I, along with business and strategy leaders and ERG members.

  • Focus on Diverse Hiring Practices

    We continued our practice of requiring diverse candidate slates for management roles and, where applicable, increased the award amounts for our Employee Referral Program when qualified or under-represented minorities are hired via an internal referral. We conduct a monthly review with our leaders and Talent Acquisition Team to ensure alignment to this process.

  • Introduced an Exit Interview Process

    To gain a better understanding of what’s contributing to the attrition rate of women globally and minority team members within the United States, we implemented an exit-interview process where these team members at specific job levels are given the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the VP and Head of DE&I prior to exiting the company. An invitation to participate in an exit interview is extended to the team member upon termination notification.

  • Participated in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index

    For the second year in a row, we engaged in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index to demonstrate our commitment to promoting gender equality, transparent reporting, and an inclusive workplace, while helping to establish a comparable data set within our industry.

  • Increased our ERG Footprint

    Our new ERG, United Veterans, supports our active-duty and retired US military veterans.