NXP Guided Technology Journeys

  • Connectivity

    What are the new use cases for UWB? How will 5G and Wi-Fi 6 work together to enable tomorrow's smart home? Learn the answers to these questions and more during a guided journey into NXP's world of connected possibilities and discover how our new connected-edge platforms are ushering in a new era of wireless innovation for automotive, mobile, IoT and industrial.

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  • Safety and Security

    Safety and security are at the core of devices that anticipate your needs, adapt to your environments and automate your life. Whether you're designing a connected thermostat or a connected car, a safe, secure-bydesign approach is vital. You will experience a guided tour of our safety and security capabilities across automotive and IoT and Industrial edge which demonstrate how NXP helps simplify the integration of both safety and security concerns in your designs.

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    Safety and Security
  • Edge Computing and AI/ML

    Empowering the edge everywhere requires Machine Learning tools and software for all. See how our Edge Verse portfolio of processors and MCUs together with the elQ TM ML Software Development environment enables developers to achieve lower cost of ownership while delivering safe and secure products.

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    Edge computing and AI/ML
  • Advanced Analog

    Seamless transitions are critical between the analog world in which we live, and the digital domain where more and more data processing takes place. NXP's Advanced Analog products intelligently convert analog occurrences into digital information for the Automotive, Industrial, loT and Mobile markets.

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    Advanced Analog