Layerscape 1012A, LS1024A, LS1043A, and LS1046A Processor Support Plans

Support Level Premium Plus
New Software Releases

Assign a Voucher ID for software support issues

Access to test codes to facilitate early feature integration

Ability to request custom features

Number of User Accounts

Up to 10

Up to 3

Software support hours included



Supported Devices

  • LS1024A
  • LS1012A
  • LS1043A
  • LS1046A
  • LS1024A
  • LS1012A
  • LS1043A
  • LS1046A

Support Part Number

  • LS1046A-SWSP-PRM
  • US$57,500.00

  • LS1046A-SWSP-PLS
  • US$28,750.00