P1021MDS: QorIQ® P1021/P1012 Modular Development System


P1021MDS Bock Diagram
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Expansion Modules

  • PQ-MDS-T1—Supports E1/T1, DS3, T3 I/F with an option of two POTS analog telephone lines
  • PQ-MDS-QOC3—Supports up to 4x 155 Mbps optical transceivers for evaluating the UTOPIA L2 bus
  • PQ-MDS-PCI Express—Expansion module supporting multiple PCI Express agents

CodeWarrior® Tools Support

  • Development Tools Linux® OS 2.6, supporting DUART, local bus, DDR, flash, TSEC, I2C, PCI Express (root complex and end point), and SPI

Typical Applications for the P1021/P1012 QorIQ Processors

  • Access gateway (IPv4 forwarding/security)
  • SMB/SME applications
  • Multi-service routers
  • Industrial networking