Cloud Connectivity on NXP Microcontrollers


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  • MCUXpresso SDK enables connection to lead cloud service providers
  • Fully-functional example applications make evaluation fast and easy
  • Ethernet and WiFi based platforms available

Libraries and Examples

Libraries and examples provided through MCUXpresso SDK

  • Built on its open source wired and wireless drivers in the MCUXpresso SDK, NXP has worked with leading cloud solution providers to enable developers to move rapidly to prototype and develop cloud-connected products. Each solution is fully integrated into the MCUXpresso SDK, and comes with ready-to-use software examples.


  • Source code provided
  • FreeRTOS based
  • Certified platforms available
  • Free to use on any NXP device
  • WiFi and Ethernet connectivity options

Microsoft Azure

  • Source code provided
  • Free to use on any NXP device
  • WiFi and Ethernet connectivity options
  • Azure RTOS support for easier integration

Google Cloud IoT

  • Source code provided
  • Free to use on any NXP device
  • WiFi and Ethernet connectivity options

Products and services for NXP microcontrollers are also available directly from our partners Ecolux,, Memfault and Sternum.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The cost and complexity to develop, deploy and manage secure connected nodes has continued to gate the market from realizing the true potential of the IoT. Reducing these complexities, AWS and NXP ensure developers are able to create secure, cost effective IoT solutions, increasing the accessibility of node-to-cloud connection for engineers. Together, MCUXpresso SDK and FreeRTOS, with easy-to-use software libraries and examples, bring multiple layers of network transport security, simplify cloud on-boarding and over-the-air device management, and offer developers a universal connection to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

From release 2.13, MCUXpresso SDK includes Featured IoT Integration examples based on the i.MX RT1060 with SE050 Secure Element support. AWS IoT Core examples are available for most of the General Purpose Arm® Cortex®-M based microcontrollers, as shown below.

AWS Supported Platforms (from SDK 2.7)

Device Family Core Ethernet Wi-Fi Recommended Evaluation Board(s)
[Click to access SDK]
K6x Arm Cortex-M4 FRDM-K64F
LPC54S/540xx Arm Cortex-M4 (MW320) LPCXpresso54018
LPC54S018JxM Arm Cortex-M4 (MW320) LPCXpresso54S018M
LPC5460x Arm Cortex-M4 - - LPCXpresso54608
LPC5461x / 62x Arm Cortex-M4 (MW320) LPCXpresso54628
LPC55S6x Dual Arm Cortex-M33 - (MW320) LPCXpresso55S69
LPC55S2x/2x Arm Cortex-M33 - (MW320) LPCXpresso55S28
i.MX RT5xx Arm Cortex-M33 + Cadence® Tensilica® Fusion F1 (SDIO) EVKMIMXRT595
i.MX RT6xx Arm Cortex-M33 + Cadence® Tensilica® HiFi4 (SDIO) MIMXRT685-EVK
i.MX RT102x Arm Cortex-M7 MIMXRT1020-EVK
i.MX RT104x Arm Cortex-M7 (SDIO) MIMXRT1040-EVK
i.MX RT105x Arm Cortex-M7 (SDIO) MIMXRT1050-EVKB
i.MX RT106x Arm Cortex-M7 (SDIO) MIMXRT1060-EVKB
i.MX RT1160 Arm Cortex-M7 + M4 (SDIO) MIMXRT1160-EVK
i.MX RT1170 Arm Cortex-M7 + M4 (SDIO) MIMXRT1170-EVK

Microsoft Azure

NXP has partnered with Microsoft to provide Azure RTOS middleware for our mutual customers as part of MCUXpresso SDK. This software is free to use on supported platforms (currently i.MX RT10xx, i.MX RT1160/70 and LPC5500 series) and includes NetXDuo middleware for network connectivity. NetXDuo has several elements available, including TCP/IP, MQTT, HTTP/HTTPS, TLS and more and is designed enable seamless connection to Azure IoT. For more information on NetXDuo please see the Microsoft Azure RTOS Overview.

For i.MX RT1060 and i.MX RT1170, full example implementations with connection to the Azure Device Update (ADU) service are included, featuring NXP’s SE050 secure element to provide provisioning services via NXP’s EdgeLock2Go plus high levels of security against remote and physical attacks.

Evaluation boards with Azure RTOS support and Azure IoT connectivity examples

Device Family* Core Ethernet Secure Element Support Recommended Evaluation Board(s)
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i.MX RT1020 Arm Cortex-M7 * MIMXRT1020-EVK
i.MX RT1050 Arm Cortex-M7 * MIMXRT1050-EVKB
i.MX RT1060 Arm Cortex-M7 * * MIMXRT1060-EVK
i.MX RT1064 Arm Cortex-M7 * MIMXRT1064-EVK
i.MX RT1160 Arm Cortex-M7 and M4 * MIMXRT1160-EVK
i.MX RT1170 Arm Cortex-M7 and M4 * * MIMXRT1170-EVK

Google Cloud IoT applications

MCUXpresso SDK includes open source examples based on FreeRTOS, with options to connect via Ethernet and LWIP, or WiFi to the Google Cloud using MQTT.

Google Cloud IoT supported platforms (from SDK 2.7)

Device Family* Core Ethernet Wifi Recommended Evaluation Board(s)
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i.MX RT105x M7 MIMXRT1050-EVKB
i.MX RT106x M7 MIMXRT1060-EVK


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