Touch Sensing on NXP Microcontrollers


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NXP® Touch Software Block diagram

NXP<sup>®</sup> Touch Software Block diagram


  • NXP Touch Library for KE1xZ and LPC804 MCUs
  • Fully-functional example applications make evaluation fast and easy
  • Crosstalk processing to reduce the interferences or influences among neighbouring electrodes
  • Advanced Key Detectors
  • MCUXpresso Config tools simplify driver configuration
  • FreeMASTER support for visualization and debugging
  • Predefined modules for hardware interaction and gathering of capacitance data

NXP Touch Library for KE1xZ MCUs

The NXP Touch Library is designed to work seamlessly with NXP’s touch sensing interface (TSI) peripheral available on the KE15Z MCU to detect finger touch, movement or gestures. Available as source code in the MCUXpresso SDK, this software includes touch detection algorithms and is supported by NXP FreeMASTER for visualization and debugging. Features of the NXP Touch Library include:

  • Abstracted decoder controls, such as rotary, slider, keypad, analog rotary and analog slider
  • Proximity and shielding electrodes
  • Advanced filtering and integrating detection (AFID), signal adaptive filtering algorithm (SAFA) or “uni-directional” version of SAFA key detectors
  • Liquid tolerance
  • Sensitivity auto-tuning function – automatic TSI registers configuration
  • Crosstalk processing algorithms
  • Recommended development board:

Capacitive Touch Sensing for LPC804 MCUs

The LPC804 family of general purpose MCUs features a capacitive touch interface (Cap Touch) that supports up to five mutual-capacitance touch sensors. Driver level examples are provided through the MCUXpresso SDK and the LPC804 Code Bundle packages as a starting point for user application development. Additionally, FreeMASTER support is available for monitoring the run-time sensor value.

Recommended development board:


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