Developer Software and Tools for Arm® Cortex®-M cores

Core Technologies

Enabling Software Technologies

MCUXpresso SDK includes several middleware for other horizontal technologies including motor control, wireless communications, storage and machine learning/AI

MCUXpresso Software and Tools

MCUXpresso Software and Tools

The MCUXpresso SDK, IDE, and configuration tools, and secure provisioning tool speed development time with high-quality software and tools for Kinetis, LPC microcontrollers, and i.MX RT crossover MCUs.

The MCUXpresso Ecosystem: Enabling Your Designs With Core Technologies, Software and Tools

NXP understands the development lifecycle of embedded design, and we know that developers need free software peripheral drivers that are production-grade and delivered with relevant example code.

MCU Minutes | MCUXpresso Software and Tools Overview

MCUXpresso Software and Tools bring together the best of NXP’s software enablement into one enablement platform for a shared software experience. This video provides a brief overview of the MCUXpresso SDK, IDE, Secure Provisioning Tool and Config Tools.