I2C-Bus Repeaters/Hubs/Extenders

I2C-bus repeaters, hubs and extenders are also used to isolate capacitance from the backplane in a wide array of device applications.

New Fast-Mode Plus Devices Operate at 1 MHz Up to 540 pF

Our new I2C fast-mode plus (Fm+) devices go from zero to 1 MHz so you can go to the next design level with higher data rates and up to 540 pF bus loading. In computing, telecom and networking systems architecture the trend is for greater use of I2C-bus as a maintenance and control bus, so more bandwidth and more devices on the bus are required.

Target Applications

  • Base station – discrete focus/transceiver board
  • Digital media adapters
  • LCD display – discrete focus
  • PCI analog/DVB-T stereo TV receiver
  • UMA-enabled GSM/GPRS/EDGE VAS phone (6100)
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