LPC-Link 2 Picture

LPC-Link 2 Picture

LPC-Link 2 Debug Adapter Extends LPCXpresso Ecosystem


LPC Tips & Tricks: LPCScrypt LPC-Link2 Debug Probe Programming


Supported Devices


Getting Started

Prior to using your LPC-Link2, install LPCScrypt, This will install the necessary drivers for the board.

LPC-Link2 is very easy to use, with only two jumpers to configure:

  • JP1 controls boot mode selection; when open the LPC4370 is forced to DFU boot mode at power up. When closed the LPC4370 will boot from quad SPI flash (if SPI is blank then the MCU will boot from USB).
  • JP2 controls how the on-board buffers between the LPC4370 and debug Target are powered. When closed the LPC-Link2 powers the buffers, when open the Target provides power.

If you are using MCUXpresso or LPCXpresso just leave JP1 open and start using the LPC-Link2 as your debug probe. If using other development tools, close JP1 and power cycle the board, then using the Program LPC-Link2 with CMSIS-DAP or Program LPC-Link2 with J-Link utilities in your LPCScrypt installation and follow the on-screen instructions.


A number of other debug firmware images are available for the LPC-Link2 to enable its use with toolchains other than the LPCXpresso IDE. These images are programmed into the flash fitted to the LPC-Link2 board using: