Package Your Way for Kinetis® MCUs

Kinetis MCUs are available in a broad range of packages, from ultra small 1.6x2.0 mm² chip-scale packages (CSPs) to high pin count 20x20 mm² quad flat packages (QFPs), and over 20 different packages in between, including MAPBGA and QFN package options that offer different sizes and pin counts. With its broad, scalable portfolio, there are many Kinetis MCU options to choose from, each offering a variety of memory, speed and features, providing you the flexibility to select the right device for your next design.

Our Package Your Way program, specific for Kinetis MCUs, addresses new, high volume opportunities with select alternative package options that can be moved quickly into production if demand warrants. Alternative packages are additional package options for select Kinetis MCU families, where pin out and pricing information is currently available.

Detailed pin out information can be found in the datasheet, and detailed mechanical drawings for each package are also available.