PC Accessory SDRAM Module Controller Based on LPC860 MCUs


Block Diagram

PC Accessory SDRAM Module Controller

PC Accessory SDRAM Module Controller based on LPC860 MCUs

Supported Devices

Processors and Microcontrollers

LPC800 Arm Cortex-M0+


  • 2x LPC860 – one as leader, another as follower
  • 1x USB power supply
  • 3x LDO (5v to 3.3v/ 3.3v to 1v /5v to 1.8v)
  • 1x OLED for music spectrum display, I3C speed and temperature and fans speed display
  • 1x amplifier and 1x MIC for audio single detecting
  • 16x32 WS2812s for music spectrum display
  • 4xTMP sensors, detect the real time temperature (IO voltage 1.0v)
  • 2x fans, controlled by follower FTM
  • 1x EEPROM at follower side


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