16 Bit Automotive Microcontroller

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  • 16 Bit Architecture
  • Full Set of 16 Bit Registers
  • Three 16 Bit Index Registers
  • Two 16 Bit Accumulators
  • Control-Oriented Digital Signal Processing Capability
  • 1 Megabyte of Program Memory Space and 1 Megabyte of Data Memory Space
  • High Level Language Support
  • Fast Interrupt Response Time
  • Background Debugging Mode (BDM)
  • Fully Static Operation
  • System Integration Module (SIM)
  • External Bus Support
  • Programmable Chip Select Outputs
  • System Protection Logic
  • Watchdog Timer, Clock Monitor and Bus Monitor
  • Two 8 bit Dual Function Input/Output Ports
  • One 7 bit Dual Function Output Port
  • Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Clock System
  • 8/10 Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
  • Eight analog/digital channels
  • Eight result registers
  • Eight automated modes
  • Three result salignment modes
  • 0ne 8 bit digital input port
  • General Purpose Timer (GPT)
  • Two 16 bit free-running counters with one nine stage prescalar
  • Three input capture channels
  • Four output compare channels
  • One input capture / output compare channel
  • One pulse accumulator/event counter input
  • Two Pulse Width Modulation outputs (PWM)
  • One 8 bit dual function port
  • Two optional discrete inputs
  • Optional external clock input
  • Two Serial I/O Subsystems (QSM)
  • Enhanced serial communication interface (SCI)
  • Modulus baud rate generator
  • Parity detection
  • Queued serial peripheral interface (QSPI)
  • 80 byte static RAM to perform queued operations
  • Up to 16 automatic transfers
  • Continuous cycling, 8 to 16 bits per transfer, LSB or MSB first
  • Dual function I/O pins
  • Standby RAM
  • 1024 byte static RAM
  • External standby voltage supply pin.

Part numbers include: MC68CK16Z1CAG16, MC68HC16Z1CAG16, MC68HC16Z1CAG20, MC68HC16Z1CAG25, MC68HC16Z1CEH16, MC68HC16Z1CEH20, MC68HC16Z1CEH25, MC68HC16Z1MAG16, MC68HC16Z1VEH16.


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