16-Bit Automotive Microcontroller

  • This page contains information on a product that is not recommended for new designs.

Product Details


  • 16-bit CPU12
    • Upward compatible with M68HC11 instruction set
    • Interrupt stacking and programmer’s model identical to M68HC11
    • 20-bit ALU
    • Instruction queue
    • Enhanced indexed addressing
  • Multiplexed bus
    • Single chip or expanded
    • 16 address/16 data wide or 16 address/8 data narrow mode
  • Two 8-bit ports with key wake-up interrupt (2 pins only are available on 80QFP) and one I2C start bit detector (112TQFP only)
  • Memory
    • 60K byte flash EEPROM, made of a 28K module and a 32K module with 8K bytes protected BOOT section in each module (MC68HC912D60A)
    • 1K byte EEPROM
    • 2K byte RAM

Part numbers include: MC912D60CCPVE.


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