1-2700 MHz, 125 W CW, 50 V Wideband RF Power GaN on SiC Transistor


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  • Decade bandwidth performance
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Advanced GaN on SiC, offering high power density
  • Input matched for extended wideband performance
  • High ruggedness: > 20:1 VSWR
  • RoHS compliant
  • These products are included in our product longevity program with assured supply for a minimum of 15 years after launch.
  • Ideal for military end-use applications, including the following:
    • Narrowband and multi-octave wideband amplifiers
    • Radar
    • Jammers
    • EMC testing
  • Also suitable for commercial applications, including the following:
    • Public mobile radios, including emergency service radios
    • Industrial, scientific and medical
    • Wideband laboratory amplifiers
    • Wireless cellular infrastructure

RF Performance Tables

Typical Narrowband Performance

VDD = 50 Vdc, IDQ = 350 mA, TA = 25°C

Typical Wideband Performance

VDD = 50 Vdc, TA = 25°C

Load Mismatch/Ruggedness

1. Measured in 2500 MHz narrowband test circuit.
2. The values shown are the minimum measured performance numbers across the indicated frequency range.
3. Measured in 200-2500 MHz broadband reference circuit.
4. Measured in 1300-1900 MHz broadband reference circuit.


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Design Files

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  • Models

    RF High Power Model ADS Model Kit goto: Click the Download button to select.

  • Models

    RF High Power Model AWR Model Kit goto: Click the Download button to select.

  • Models

    MMRF5014H RF High-Power Model ADS Product Model Design Kit

  • Models

    MMRF5014H RF High-Power Model AWR Product Model Design Kit

  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

    MMRF5014H 200-2500 MHz Reference Circuit Design Files

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