Secure Services for the NTAG® Product Family

Connect products to the web and apply product data security and intelligence to drive business and consumer applications throughout the product life cycle. Brand owners and retailers can now have an unprecedented opportunity to apply data intelligence on an item by item basis, drive new digital applications, protect their products and supply chain integrity, and engage with their consumers in direct one-to-one communication.

With Secure Services for NTAG, NXP® offers a complete suite of value-added NFC services to enhance end-to-end security, and support easy, fast deployments:

  • NTAG Configure and Trust is a chip customization service, resulting in chip products that are ready to use as shipped
  • NTAG Validator and Redirector is a tag management platform, to link digitized products to a customer’s content management system
  • NTAG Authenticator and Redirector is a robust authentication engine with tag-management capabilities, to manage cryptographic operations in a secure environment
  • NTAG Authenticator lets customers manage tags themselves, while NXP securely manages customer keys and supports cryptographic operations in a secure environment

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