FXPS7140X Automotive Safety Pressure Sensor DSI3 and PSI5


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FXPS7140X Automotive Safety Pressure Sensor Block Diagram

FXPS7140P7 PSI5 Block Diagram 2

FXPS7140X PSI5 Transceiver Diagram

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Pressure Transducer and DSP

  • 40 kPa to 140 kPa absolute pressure range
  • Redundant pressure transducers
  • Capacitance to voltage converter with anti-aliasing filter
  • Sigma delta ADC plus sinc filter
  • Selectable 370 Hz, 2-pole or 400 Hz, 3-pole and 4-pole 800 Hz, 1000 Hz low-pass filter for absolute pressure
  • 0.16 Hz, 1-pole LPF for P0 value
  • 10-bit ΔP/P0 output

Automotive Qualified

  • AEC-Q100, temperature range from –40 ℃ to +125 ℃
  • ISO26262 revision 2018 certified
  • Robust design: EMC compliant, QFN package

Communication Interface

  • PSI5 Version 2.1 Compatible
  • DSI3 compatible


  • Inspectable solder joints / wettable flanks


  • Self-test diagnostic
  • Internal self-tests for transducer and signal chain

Part numbers include: FXPS71407, FXPS71407S, FXPS7140P7, FXPS7140P7S.


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