DSI3/SPI Automotive Safety Digital Accelerometer

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FXSL9x Single Axis internal Block Diagram

FXSL9x Single Axis internal Block Diagram

FXLS90 Application Diagram

FXLS90 Application Diagram

FXLS90 DSI3 Application Diagram

FXLS90 DSI3 Application Diagram



  • 180 nm CMOS
  • Maximum operating voltage: -0.3 V - 20 V
  • Digital signal processing
  • DSI3 compatible
  • SPI compatible
  • HVST, IDDQ, analog IDDQ, scan, logic BIST


  • 4 mm x 4 mm x 1.45 mm 16-pin QFN package
  • Inspectable solder joints / wettable flanks

Automotive Qualified

  • AEC-Q100, temperature range from –40 ℃ to +125 ℃
  • ISO26262 revision 2018 certified
  • Robust design: EMC compliant, QFN package

High Performance Configurable DSP:

  • Single or dual, independent signal chains from ADC to communications interface
  • Up to a 4th order low pass filter with rolloff frequency options from 12.5 Hz to 1500 Hz
  • Optional single pole high pass filter with fast start up and output rate limiting
  • Optional moving average
  • Optional 16 to 1 output interpolation
  • Sampling rate: 16,32,64 us

Full Scale Range

  • Medium g ranges from ± 15.5 g to ± 150 g
  • High g ranges from ± 50 g to ± 500 g


  • Up to 16 bit

Communication Interface

  • SPI up to 10 MHz
  • DSI3 compatible
  • Configurable pin:
    • Arming functions based on threshold detection
    • Pulse code modulated signal output (PCM)


  • Bidirectional Self-Test Diagnostic

Part numbers include: FXLS90120AES, FXLS90130AES, FXLS90220AES, FXLS90230AES, FXLS90322AES, FXLS90333AES, FXLS90422AES, FXLS90433AES, FXLS90620AES, FXLS90630AES, FXLS90722AES, FXLS90733AES.


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