Four Channel Squib Driver IC

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Four Channel Squib Driver IC

 Four Channel Squib Driver IC


  • Four-channel high-side and low-side 2.0 A FET switches
  • Externally adjustable FET current limiting
  • Adjustable current limit range: 0.8 A to 2.0 A
  • Individual channel current limit detection with timing duration measurement, communicated via SPI
  • 8-bit SPI for diagnostics and FET switch activation
  • Diagnostics for high-side safing sensor status
  • Resistance and voltage diagnostics for squibs
  • Squib driver IC capability to be used for cross-coupled driver firing application (allows high- and low-side FET switches to be located on separate squib driver ICs)

Part numbers include: MC33797BPEW.


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