Thread Protocol

Thread is an IPv6-based mesh networking protocol developed by industry leading technology companies, like NXP®, for connecting products around the home and in buildings to each other, to the internet and to the cloud. Thread networks are simple to install, highly secure, scalable to hundreds of devices and developed to run on low-power IEEE 802.15.4 chipsets. For details about Thread and Thread Group, visit

As one of the founding members of Thread Group, NXP provides one of the first certified Thread stacks available in the market. In addition to the certified stack, NXP offers various platforms that provide all the necessary building blocks enabling developers to create a complete, end-to-end Thread system, including:

  • Kinetis® ARM Cortex®-M wireless MCUs with integrated 801.15.4 connectivity
  • i.MX ARM Cortex-A applications processors for Linux-based border router implementations
  • Complete enablement package with Thread networking software stack supporting all components including over-the-air firmware updates, support for multiple IDEs and RTOSs/OSs and many example applications.

Thread Applications

  • Access Control
  • Appliances
  • Climate Control
  • Lighting
  • Professional and Commercial Buildings
  • Safety
  • Security

Thread Products

  • KW41Z: 802.15.4 & BLE, ARM Cortex-M0+, Up to 512 KB Flash, Up to 128 KB SRAM
  • KW21Z: 802.15.4, ARM Cortex-M0+, Up to 512 KB Flash, Up to 128 KB SRAM
  • KW2xD: 802.15.4, ARM® Cortex®-M4, Up to 512 KB Flash, Up to 64 KB SRAM
  • MCR20A: 802.15.4 Transceiver, -102 dBm Sensitivity, Up to +8 dBm Output Power


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    September 14, 2017
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Thread All-Member Meeting

  • Lisbon, Portugal
    Nov 15-17, 2017

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