Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) requires an inseparable combination of processing power and software.

The shift of high-performance processing from the cloud to the edge significantly decreases bandwidth requirements, reduces latency, and maintains privacy. These are the key factors for automotive, industrial, and an infinite range of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

AI opens entirely new opportunities for the automotive industry to help solve global mobility challenges. Working in close collaboration with leading academic institutions, research organizations and pioneering technology firms – NXP is at the forefront in the development of automotive AI solutions.

Scale with our broad IC portfolio ranging from MCUs to application and networking processors.

Beginning with an optimized portfolio of IC’s that range from MCU’s application and networking processors, customers can select the exact device for their Machine Learning requirements. Depending on the Edge Node, we provide the processing performance that scales to support a three-axis tradeoff between accuracy, inference time (user experience), and cost.

With a comprehensive array of support tools designed to work with our processing platforms, NXP helps customers easily use and implement Machine Learning across the landscape of automotive, industrial, and IoT applications.

Scale with our broad IC portfolio ranging from MCUs to application and networking processors image

Our AI core technologies enable AI and machine learning for automotive, industrial and IoT applications.

NXP’s AI and ML automotive solutions add more intelligence to the “sensing”, “thinking”, and “acting” processes of automated cars to help solve global mobility challenges towards zero road fatalities, zero emissions, and zero time wasted.

For IoT, Industrial, and beyond, NXP’s eIQ Artificial Intelligence Development Environment provides the essential building blocks that developers require to deploy machine learning in their devices.


Automotive Vision EVB

S32V234 Vision and Sensor Fusion Evaluation Board for Prototyping and Development.

S32V2 Processor

S32V2 Processor with an integrated APEX Accelerator that can accelerate deep neural networks to optimize machine learning applications.


Secure powerful processors optimized for networking applications and built on Arm® technology.

Automotive Vision SDK

Supports intensive applications for image processing and comprehensive abstraction of the powerful accelerators for automotive applications.

Development Platform

NXP BlueBox: Autonomous Driving Development Platform.

Industrial and IoT

eIQ NN and eIQ CML

Inference engine and classical machine learning.

Sensor Tools

Software development kit and ecosystem for sensor support, including anomaly detection.

Voice and Audio

Services, frameworks, keyword detect, and more.

Kinetis Microcontrollers

Secure real-time control, connectivity and generally embedded microcontrollers for next-generation ML/AI solutions.


Scalable and secure device management solution for edge computing applications.

Vision Tools

Design tools, applications, and sample code covering OpenCV, OpenCL, OpenVX, and more.

i.MX Applications Processors

Multi-core processors with advanced neural network processing for graphics, machine vision, video, audio, voice, and safety-critical applications.

LPC Microcontrollers

Broad MCU portfolio for ML/AI solutions with best-in-class power efficiency, exceptional ease of use, design flexibility, and advanced connectivity.

What's New

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NXP Launches eIQ

NXP Launches eIQ

New Machine Learning Development Environment for the Edge.

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