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Scalable, secure and reliable energy solutions

Our complete range of solutions enable every aspect of energy management and distribution, overcoming the ever-growing challenges of efficiency and connectivity.

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Faced with limited resources and booming demand, the energy industry seeks greater efficiencies within complex energy management and distribution processes, all while providing the best consumer experience. To achieve better service and smarter, streamlined processes, energy providers require reliable, real-time access to data.

Intelligent NXP® controllers feature the embedded control and connectivity solutions at the heart of current smart grids and energy applications. From industrial meters to home energy management systems and beyond, our products support the cleaner, more efficient energy infrastructure our world needs.

Embedded and Connected Smart Energy Solutions

A selection of NXP Enabled Smart Energy solutions. Includes smart meters, and user energy consumption monitors and controllers.

Utilize our building blocks to design highly efficient and connected power and energy systems.

What’s New


Can we trust NFC-enabled meters?

A number of new meters are now equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC), a contactless proximity technology that lets the meter interact with other IoT-connected devices


Protect your smart grid network

The systems that control electric power generation and distribution are ones we rarely see, but are crucial to much of our day-to-day lives.