Ajinkya Shade

"After working in Industrial sales at NXP for 3 years, I had the opportunity to become a key account manager on the automotive team. The best things about NXP are the encouragement of growth and working with cutting-edge technologies. My current role offers me a chance to work with automotive OEMs to enable next-gen autonomous vehicles that are greener and safer."

Sheila Chopin

"I've enjoyed 29 years of exponential opportunities at NXP in the areas of process, product-package and materials development. My professional values of gratitude, fortitude and a positive attitude, along with supportive senior leadership and great teamwork from around the globe, propel me to keep learning, producing and executing amid the business terrains."

Pallavi Sharma

"In my nearly 10 years here, NXP has given me opportunity to work in multiple roles and with great colleagues across the globe. The positive culture and continuous encouragement from my leaders and co-workers make me look forward to work every day. I feel respected and valued for what I bring to the organization."


"My job offers the perfect balance between technical, organizational and customer-focused work — it’s very diverse and absorbing. Additionally, the management team allows me to work independently, which is really fulfilling. I enjoy shaping our products of the future and working on innovative solutions which exceed our customers' expectations and are used all over the globe."

Fred Huang

"Through various roles in my NXP career I continue to learn and grow. More significant, though, is that my personal well-beings is important to NXP. At my career start, before remote working was possible, my mother was very ill. My manager let me stay home and spend my mother's final weeks with her. Now that I'm a manager, I try to pay this respect forward with my team."

Jorge Placencia

"NXP allows me to apply my knowledge in different areas while simultaneously continuing to grow. Having a career development plan makes me feel valued, and internal mentorship programs offer the opportunity to shadow a colleague or sharpen development areas. NXP also offers many activities outside of work like fitness and personal development classes to keep your body and mind in shape and support work-life balance."