Students and New Graduates

Student and New Graduate Testimonials

Students and new graduates are valuable members of the NXP team, and our student programs are our primary pipeline for new graduate hires. Hear what some current students have to say about their experiences working at NXP. View all testimonials.


“I was drawn to NXP because my internship emphasized exploring all aspects of the Environment, Health and Safety department. The people here are so kind, generous, and invested in my learning and success that I returned for two subsequent summers. My team allowed me to choose and lead projects, which made me feel my contributions and connections have been meaningful.”


“I enjoyed my internship with NXP so much I returned for a second summer. People at NXP really go out of their way to help – not only with work, but also with life in general. In fact, my NXP team influenced my decision to go to graduate school. NXP made me feel like I was truly part of the team, even as an intern. I have since accepted a full-time job with NXP after I graduate!”


“NXP believes that the ideas from young talent can go a long way. As a data scientist intern, I collaborated with various teams and was free to innovate. NXP also offers resources for personal and professional development. I recently graduated and joined NXP full time where I not only work on thought-provoking challenges, but also continue learning from the training NXP provides.”