NXP made significant progress in the area of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DE&I) in 2021.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Journey

  • Open Dialogue and Transparency

    We started 2021 with increased transparency of our team member demographics by communicating our global gender and United States race and ethnicity representation data details in our 2020 Corporate Sustainability Responsibility Report, and we defined internal goals to increase representation over time. Additionally, our Head of DE&I met with each member of our Management Team, as well as the Compensation Committee of our Board of Directors to discuss the 2021 DE&I strategy and plans. Our progress toward our representation goals was reviewed with these leaders throughout the year.

  • Improved Data Analytics Tools

    To help define our aspirational and interim representation goals, we developed a tool to analyze our representation results in comparison to our hiring and attrition trends and developed internal dashboards to help track progress towards our goals.

  • Enhanced Hiring Processes

    When it comes to hiring, we began requiring diverse candidate slates for management roles and increased our Employee Referral Program award amounts when qualified women or, in the United States, under-represented minorities are hired via a referral for positions in specific countries.

  • Exit Interview Process

    To gain a better understanding of what’s contributing to the attrition of women globally and minority team members within the United States, we implemented an exit interview process where these team members at specific job levels are given the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the Head of DE&I prior to exiting the company.

  • Benchmarking with the Best

    We participated in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for the first time to demonstrate our commitment to promoting gender equality and an inclusive workplace, and to help establish a comparable data set within our industry.

  • New Policy Introduction

    We announced our global DE&I policy to the company and increased our DE&I communications and programming, including the launch of Inclusion Insights – a new practice of starting our formal meetings with a brief discussion focused on inclusion, regular contributions to our weekly company-wide newsletter and through our Inclusive Language Project and Employee Resource Group (ERG) engagement activities.

  • Expanded ERG Representation

    We increased our Employee Resource Group (ERG) footprint by establishing a new chapter of Equal – our LGBTQ ERG – in Europe and created two new ERGs: No eXtra Planet (which focuses on environmental sustainability) and Interconnection (which supports team members in Europe from multicultural backgrounds).