Our Corporate Governance Principles

  • We have a transparent corporate structure, with approval rights of our general meeting of shareholders for any significant change in the identity or nature of our Company business.
  • Each share of our common stock confers the right to cast one vote at the general meeting of shareholders.
  • Our directors are appointed for one year terms.
  • We do not have a poison pill in place.
  • We only have outstanding common stock, and no priority, preference or other shares with special voting rights are issued, and cannot be issued without majority shareholders approval.
  • Any issuance of common of preferences shares, for any reason, is subject to the approval of the general meeting of shareholders.
  • We allow special meetings of our shareholders to be called upon the written request of shareholders holding at least 10% of our outstanding voting stock.
May 26

2021 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Download proxy materials and listen to the audiocast of the meeting.