MCSXTE2BK142: S32K142 Development Board for BLDC/PMSM Motor Control


MCSXTE2BK142 Development Board
MCSXTE2BK142 hardware system
MCSXTE2BK142 software architecture



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  • S32K142 Development Board for BLDC/PMSM Motor Control
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Control 3-phase motors by 6-step control commutation for BLDC motors or FOC for PM using S12ZVM, S32K1 or MPC5744P MCUs.

Use the S32K Power Estimation Tool (S32K-PET) for gaining valuable insights about power consumption right at the start when creating energy-efficient automotive-embedded applications based on the S32K1xx MCU family.

Learn to simplify your motor control application development using dedicated motor control libraries. The NXP motor control solutions offer a cost-effective and energy-efficient strategy that helps you to simplify the development process for automotive applications while reducing the time-to-market.