GD3160 Half-Bridge Evaluation Kit for Danfoss DCM1000X


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Product Details

Block Diagram

GD3160 Block Diagram

GD3160 Block Diagram

Supported Devices

Power Management

Powertrain and Engine Control


System Features

  • Compatible with DCM1000X SiC module
  • Flex GUI Graphical User Interface available for use with kit
  • Daisy chain SPI interface configurability
  • Easy to configure jumper options
  • SPI configurable register options using Flex GUI
  • Double Pulse and Short Circuit evaluation with a single kit
  • Three phase evaluation with three kits daisy-chained
  • Fiber Optic connections option for external PWM inputs
  • User Guide available

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  • GD3160 Half-Bridge Evaluation Kit for Danfoss DCM1000X.

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