High-Speed Differential 1-to-2 Switch Chip


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Block Diagram

CBTU02043 Block Diagram

CBTU02043 Block Diagram


Optimized for type C connector PCB Routing for Signal Integrity

  • Minimize crosstalk to meet stringent type C requirement
  • Minimize via with friendly type C PCB layout

One Port (2 Bidirectional Differential Channels) 1-to-2 Switch

  • Low insertion loss: -1.4 dB at 5 GHz; -0.9 dB at 2.5 GHz; -0.5 dB at 100 MHz
  • Low off-state isolation: -20 dB at 5 GHz; -40 dB at 100 MHz
  • Low return loss: -16 dB at 2.5 GHz; -12 dB @ 5 GHz
  • Low ON-state resistance: 10 Ω (typ)
  • Bandwidth: 12 GHz (typ)
  • Very low DDNEXT crosstalk: < -37 dB at 5 GHz
  • VIC common mode input voltage VIC: 0 V to 2 V
  • Differential input voltage VID: <1.6 V
  • Intra-pair skew: <6 ps

VDD Power Supply Voltage Range: 1.62 V to 3.63 V

Low Current Consumption

  • 200 µA (typ) for active mode
  • 3 µA (typ) for power-saving

Key Features

  • CMOS SEL and XSD pins
  • Back current protection on all I/O pins of these switches
  • Patent pending high performance analog pass-gate technology
  • All channels support rail-to-rail input voltage (up to 2.4 V)


  • HUQFN16 1.6 mm x 2.4 mm x 0.5 mm package with 0.4 mm pitch

ESD Protection

  • 2000 V HBM; 1000 V CDM

Operating Temperature Range

  • -10 °C to 85 °C

Product Longevity Program

  • This product is included in the NXP Product Longevity Program ensuring a stable supply of products for your embedded designs. The CBTU02043HE is included in the 15-year program

Part numbers include: CBTU02043HE.


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