3.0 MHz, 300 MA, DC-to-DC Boost Converter

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Block Diagram

PCA9412 Block Diagram

PCA9412 Block Diagram


  • Efficiency up to 94 %
  • VIN ≥ VO, (Pass-Through Mode Operation)
  • Load disconnect
  • Current-mode controller
  • Soft start function for limiting inrush current with true load disconnect
  • Overcurrent and over-temperature protection
  • The PCA9412 totally disconnects input to output when disabled
  • The PCA9412A connects input to output when disabled
  • Wafer-Level Chip-Size Package (WLCSP) with 0.4 mm pitch; allows for the use of a smaller antenna, or for greater signal strength

Part numbers include: PCA9412AUK, PCA9412UK.


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