Multiple Voltage Regulators with Switch


Product Details


  • Two VP -state controlled regulators (regulator 1 and regulator 3) and a power switch
  • Regulator 2 and reset circuit operate during load dump and thermal shutdown
  • Separate control pins for switching regulator 1, regulator 3 and power switch
  • Supply voltage range from -18 to +50 V
  • Low reverse current of regulator 2
  • Low quiescent current (when regulator 1, regulator 3 and power switch are switched off)
  • Hold output circuit for regulator 1 (only valid when regulator 3 output voltage >1.3 V)
  • Reset and hold outputs (open-collector outputs)
  • Adjustable reset delay time
  • High ripple rejection
  • Backup capacitor connection to supply regulator 2 and reset circuit up to 25 V.


  • Reverse polarity safe (down to -18 V without high reverse current)
  • Able to withstand voltages up to 18 V at the outputs (supply line may be short circuited)
  • ESD protection on all pins
  • Thermal protection
  • Load dump protection
  • Foldback current limit protection for regulator 1, regulator 2 and regulator 3
  • Delayed foldback current limit protection for power switch (at short-circuit); delay time fixed by reset delay capacitor
  • All regulator outputs and power switch are DC short-circuited safe to ground and VP .

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