MTRCKTDPS5643L: Dual 3-phase PMSM Development Kit with NXP MPC5643L MCU



Motor Control Algorithm Concept

Motor Control Algorithm Concept

Automotive Motor Control Development Kits


Kit Contains

  • 3-phase low-voltage power stage based on SMARTMOS MC33397A pre-driver
  • 32-bit NXP MPC5643L Dual Motor Controller Board (orderable separately as MTRCCBP5643L)
  • AC/DC 24V Universal Power Supply Kit
  • Two 3-phase PMSM low-voltage motors
  • USB 2.0 A-A type cable, ribbon cables for power stage and controller board connection
  • Fact sheet and quick start guide

Supported Devices

  • MC33905: SBC Gen2 with High-Speed CAN and LIN
  • MC33937: 3 Phase Field Effect Transistor Pre-driver
  • MPC564xL: Ultra-Reliable Dual-Core 32-bit MCU for Automotive and Industrial Applications

Get Started

Get Started With MTRCKTDPS5643L Dual 3-phase PMSM Development Kit

This collection of resources will help you to get started with the MTRCKTDPS5643L Dual 3-phase PMSM Development Kit with Qorivva MPC5643L MCU.

  1. An overview about the product can be found in the fact sheet document.
  2. Follow the quick start guide below to run the pre-programmed application and spin the PMSM motors using the FreeMASTER run-time debugging tool.

  • MTRCKTDPS5643L Fact Sheet
  • Provides an overview and look and feel about the content of the Dual 3-phase PMSM Development Kit with Qorivva MPC5643L MCU.
  • Type: Fact Sheet Format: pdf Size: 240.0 kB
  • MTRCKTDPS5643L Quick Start Guide
  • Provides an overview of the hardware, step-by-step instructions for running the out-of-box demo application and jumper settings quick reference table.
  • Type: Quick Reference Guide Format: pdf Size: 988.5 kB

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